пʼятниця, 16 серпня 2013 р.

Text of undetermined Groove

He's not the arms on bastards neck
There were no brawling marks
And still the wobble is not solid
And every turn just downs the wall

The whammy popping raw saw
For flow of goo to dry
But as some curious
were asking how the hammer
crooked the lame

The roll was just a dazzle
And so were eyes

He was not a whammy scanner
But his head was not so solid
He was not as hammered bell-boy
But his arms marked every wall
He is crooked as roller is
But his neck still not as screwed
He was lame and jizzy bastard
Brawling wobbles down the goo

He wobbles as some wave arms
He shacks his neck on every turn
To rave on curved line
Ringing "storm the wall, it stinks"

And he was hammered
By the bell
His arms were clutched
When legs were going back on goo
No head no neck and lots of jizz
Now signing glory place

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