субота, 31 серпня 2013 р.

Jason Pinglaux - Carbonised

Its all a mess a jumble in my head,
a fuzzy fug, a yawning slow ache,
I am tattered, torn, frayed, a thread,
A forgotten discoloured keepsake.

Scratch, scrawl and contrary,
I can't say a fucking thing,
Its all so alien, so very scary,
I am numb to every sting.

Spike, dart, thorn and thistle,
Shell shocked, remnant and spent,
Bone, sinew, blood and gristle,
Shapeless, adumbration, hellbent.

Burning light flickers on tired eyes,
Blinking and conjunctive shadows,
Scalded and scorched I slowly carbonise,
A bit part actor only making cameos.

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