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John Bennett


ebulia y e bola mate
m●u●t●e y motoviación
tu rabo futilante
cacanasta en el rin
cón del olvido el
cerebro reactivo que
se acuerda de nada de
todo ▲huehueteotl
en la cima del pir
ámide▼ mi foco
viratológico mi
risa )))aso el hum
o que me sale de la frente ~~~

...huehuepopoca, tlahtolli...

- Cuauhtemoc


the snow

the leave shape the cone the
wrassling in the claw index
leave to say what has sh
aped will shape the ,bone
spreading in the lake which
sweating is ,which tax reform
dreamed in the muddy bot
tom ,your claw your inching
shirt the yellow tree puts
on your bone writing the
sky  .the ax spells all
directions  your bloody but
tons eat the stars the stains
at the end of words

...who has his own ax...
- Temple of the Four Lintels,
Chichén Itzá, year 881


the swim

ay short lunch chewed ay
chewed the sack floppy in
yr pants in yr chimney was
a shadow falling on yr
socks were hands holding
the egg’s lunch viewed the
other end the closer window
opened was an eye thin
king in its sleep thinking in
the cup with green sand filled
the sand was air ,remembered
in your shirt

...el corazón a que se refiere es la lengua...
- El Libro de los Libros de Chilam Balam de Chumayel


lo finito

muy de



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