понеділок, 7 грудня 2015 р.

Alex Dogson


8 Can Cockfighter be transmitted by nontraditional publishing means?

9 IE a laser beamed directly into your eye, like the yogic practice of sun-gazing?

0 Or jammed into a wetlink brainstem? We could sell the wet tech separately!

1 If Cockfighter were a carefully packed school lunch, would it be the dessert?

2 Furthermore, what would the nutritional ingredients be?

3 Is Cockfighter Radioactive?

4 Should Cockfighter be banned before publishing? Does banning actually do anything?

5 Are there any desperate corporate interests who would pair with Cockfighter?

6 Wouldn't it be hilarious if, for example, J.C. Penny sold copies of Cockfighter?

7 Or papering the hallways of the DMV or various inner-city bus stations?
8 Should they be sold on Etsy as individual steampunk personal fashion articles?

9 Should they be artificially damaged, the way cargo pants and jeans are auto-ripped?

0 Cockfighter like an Aztec black mirror for self-actualization at the police station.

1 Cockfighter like asking the bartender for lime slices when you didn't order a drink

2 Cockfighter the little shoulder-canons the Predator used halfheartedly against Arnold

3 Cockfighter like breaking your toes in the ballet slipper

4 Cockfighter like double-checking your finances and finding tons of free cash

5 Cockfighter and then blowing it on whores and coke in vegas

6 Cockfighter the buried steamer trunk of old records and clothes from your ancient past

7 Cockfighter the smell of bookstores after they've burned down

8 Cockfighter left on a slippery lily pad

9 Cockfighter used in place of contraceptive inner spiritual strangeness

0 Cockfighter the urge to order an extra dessert for no fucking reason

1 Cockfighter like polishing a mirror with salt water

2 Cockfighter boiling a frog in iodine and making a purple-black frog entree

3 Cockfighter like sampling Liszt for the hook of a gangsta rap song

4 Cockfighter when your watch reflects off something and startles you with shinyness

5 Cockfighter like seeing your own reflection watching you in dark glass

6 Cockfighter at 11 years old your 7th bowl of sugary cereal

7 Cockfighter gets visited by 3 faeries of the night. Each grant Cockfighter a special wish, true to the deep magic of its texts. One wish per novel. What wishes does Cockfighter see granted?

8 Is Cockfighter seen as a 1-off bizarre novel or the beginning of a fast-food revolt?

9 Can cockfighter fight its way through the morass and state an impossible claim?

0 What punk-rock attitude can Cock take in its marketing to force its shit in?

1 What is the Cockfighter version of Denzel's character in Training Day?

2 IE how can Cockfighter complete a 100% gangsta takeover of literature?

3 Does Cockfighter ride into the sunset or hurl nova gravity, erratic solar weapon?

4 Does Cockfighter have ties to the 12-spoked Swastika Nazi Black Sun?

5 Does Cockfighter have a chateau in Switzerland or perhaps a shack in the polish ghetto?

6 You're in a dark room. You feel around. Everything is wet, oily. Then you see a light in the distance. You approach, slipping on the oily floor. The light is a book. It's Cockfighter's Ghost. It has been eaten by a slime dragon. You have been eaten by a slime dragon! The slime dragon ate everything, but it can't digest Cockfighter's Ghost! COCKFIGHTER'S GHOST CAN SAVE THE WORLD! THRU BEING TOTALLY UNDIGESTABLE!

7 If it were a cocktail:
8 A: what liquors are going in
9 B: how much does it cost
0 C: what type of setting? (dive bar, fancy hotel bar, underground speakeasy, spaceship)
1 D: do you simply get drunk? or is it like a pan-galactic gargle blaster?
2 E: does it get its own glass? like those fiiiiiine Belgian beers?
3 F: I know cockfighter's ghost is literally a wine, but what if it was a COCKTAIL
4 G: red wine mixed with the blood of an immortal unicorn and reduced into a goo candy
5 H: kept extremely cold - almost absolute 0 kelvin - lord kelvin could be in cockfighter 4!
7 J: cockfighter's relationship to sugar. in the cocktail? is it sweet? bitter? salty? SALT
8 K: cockfighter's distribution / merch deals: get drunk and find out? wine bar? jazz bar?
9 L: what elements? is it wet, peach, frozen, minty, tel aviv fashion ghetto, sandy? dirty?
0 M: is the novel "dirty" as in physical earthenware? does the cocktail need cooking?
1 N: is cockfighter a "functional drunk?" ipso facto: what are its true functions?

2 O: is it regulated or banned like absinthe or considered a non-real object and ignored, like Estonia?

3 P: is it considered a "Scheduled substance" and what else is on the schedule? :)

4 does anyone consider a "cockfighter dance" like the macarna?

5 perhaps matching cockfighter bedsheets and jammies for the little ones?

6 you're sick and cockfighter is the witch doctor. how does it heal you?

7 cockfighter is the spoon and you're the dessert. what dessert are you?

8 you run a construction union and cockfighter is your budget. you were supposed to re-pave some highways, but instead cockfighter decides to _________ ?

9 and what heinous signage is thereby posted for commuters to see?

0 cockfighter is an alien and you're the area-51 doctors. what tests do you run?

1 what kind of military weapon or medical cures or technology do you create from it?

2 cockfighter is being taught in school. what is the curriculum? how do you introduce the text, and what kind of homework assignments do you give?

3 The British are coming! The British are coming! No -- Cockfighter is coming.

4 You are a horse that drowned in a swamp and reincarnated as an anti-novel. What's your "first 100 days" strategy? What are your main objectives?

5 I learned that Walt Whitman kept editing and censoring Leaves of Grass throughout his lifetime, until all the gay shit was mostly excluded and it didn't resemble the original spirit of the art at all. That's the only reason why I don't just rewrite the entire trilogy. I have to let it stand. HOWEVER: let's talk typefaces. That shit matters.

6 Do we really win by maintaining the "wingdings for president" aesthetic?

7 Does the formalized one-text standard work for cockfighter?

8 Should we revert it to the wild and janky courier, big calson,
harsh and variagated textual landscape perhaps inhabited by ancient alligator  spirits, where toothsome sages and frantic layabouts burned their money in wastebins and enjoyed grazing from the grasses of their neighbors lawns?

9 As a culture, why are we so obsessed with grass? Our lawns could be anything. Wisteria vines and orchid. Harsh shrubbery. No, grass. Grass everywhere.


1 Cockfighter's Ghost is a wi-fi network. What's the password?
2 What wold Cockfighter bring to a potluck?
3 What groups does Cockfighter belong to on meetup.com ?
4 Cockfighter decides to set up a little garden. What are the key plants being grown?
5 Cockfighter absorbs an arm of the military. Which arm, and to what end?
6 Cockfighter builds a library based around a central theme. What's the theme?

7 Cockfighter builds the largest terrestrial interdimensional telescope. It is first used as a giant stripper pole, but Cockfighter can't find any giant strippers, so it turns the endevor to Deep Space. What is Cockfighter looking for?

8 What does Cockfighter name the telescope?
9 What kind of footwear would Cockfighter wear?
0 What is the difference between "ruined" and "messed up" and which is Cockfighter?

1 Is Cockfighter textural? glossy, wet, oily, scratchy, sticky, arctic, electrified, poisonous?

2 Is Cockfighter vocal in bed? What is it screaming out? What are its sounds?

3 Can we loop some of these into a subliminal delta-wave binaural sleep soundtrack?

4 Should we be digging up certain dead bodies and using relics for the web design?

5 Should we be filming a documentary about graverobbing in conjunction with antinovels

6 Should we be shooting with pinhole cameras instead of orbital laser arrays?

7 What about Alvin and/or the Chipmunks?

8 What various pop cultural shit could or should be infringed upon and included as a self-referential or reflexive "book within a book" or "culture within a culture" artifice / vehicle, in order to make Cockfighter palatable, not unlike coating capsules of fish oil in strange orange liquor?

9 See also: Dr Dave's "Ultra 85" pharmaceutical grade fish oil

0 Does Cockfighter have a "comfort blanky" or other emotional comfort objects or obsessions it uses to feel normal? DONT SAY PUSSY

1 Cockfighter goes thru airport security. What specific objects of contraband does it have on its person, and does it smuggle it through or surrender them ?

2 Cockfighter comes into the ER with a grevious wound. What happened? Does it seduce the doctor or show off its weird green laser array?

3 Does Cockfighter have black blood like the vectors in "Helix" ?

4 Please describe a late-night Cockfighter's Ghost infomercial.

5 Does the ambient green light make your fluttering eyelids crap out violet gooseegg?

6 10 hours of RF Pink noise later: I've felt better in my life. Midday salt ice cream binges.

7 What action-items on Cockfighter's agenda is it putting off?

8 And which action-items does it crush with impeccable unconscious competence?

9 Conscious incompetence or unconscious competence? Mix + Match like Mr. Potatohed

0 Violet brain sugar yawning open night-blooming jasmine.

1 All night LAN-party: What game is Cockfighter playing? How many headshots?

2 Cockfighter sawing off one leg of a chair and sitting slouched.

3 Cockfighter boutique line of "edited furniture" abstract art, redefining how we sit.

4 Cockfighter redefining polite society with a hacksaw and some crazy glue.

5 What items are in Cockfighter's "BUG OUT" bag?

6 The kingdoms: Vegetable, Animal, Mineral, COCK.

7 The Cock Kingdom leading to an effervescent mineral expulsion.

8 Violets are Red, Roses are Blue, Cockfighter (from an orbital weapons array) is Targeting You.

9 Cockfighter is feeling mischevious and adds a certain element to the Sangria. What does Cockfighter ad?

0 "I have passed a certain amount of urine into one or more bottles of your perfume" - Tyler Durden, from Fight Club (didn't make it in the movie)

1 If the restaurant doesn't make their own ketchup, you really ought to go somewhere else. Just saying.

2 Cockfighter remixes a popular novel. What novel, and what's the result?

3 Cockfighter, being an anti-novel, itself reads

4 A.) Ultra right-wing conservative newspapers
5 B.) Hardcore bondage porn, Hentai/YAOI, etc
6 C.) Grocery store romance pulps
7 D.) Quantum Physics peer-reviewed journals / whitepapers
8 E.) Other (please describe)

9 Cockfighter picks one social network to dominate. Which does it choose, and why?

0 Cockfighter sleeps with its scuba instructor, underwater. Do they use any shellfish?


2 How is the power distributed?
3 What have become of gender roles and the ideal of beauty?
4 What is the focus and relationship to art (both its creation and consumption)
5 What happened to the Amish?
6 How is space exploration and companies like SpaceX dealt with?
7 Did you know Lockheed Martin currently operates the postal service?
8 What does the work week look like?
9 For that matter, are we still on the gregorian calendar, 12 month, 7-day week system?
0 Is there some kind of sabbath or respite based on a vague spiritual sentiment?
1 Is there a national / global religion, spiritual or occult practice?
2 Holidays?
3 What has become of the fashion industry?
4 Do people eat food or is it beamed from quarklet-derived H-lasers and quantum fizz?
5 Little Miss Muffett sat on her TUFFET CORPORATION scalar orbital weapons battery!
6 What is the global psychic propaganda? Did something replace hollywood/ad agencies? What is the agenda? What is the reality-model being pushed forward?

7 Do those ice cream trucks still rove the earth like black magicians with that faggot music? Could it have been replaced with a handsome "I like dudes" music?

8 Smooth Jazz: were all the distributors lynched? Why or why not?
9 Pyramids, wonders of the world, tourist traps, "power spots" : how are they managed?

0 Does what get sucked up through a straw?

1 What are the "Chosen Elite" of media and the hand-picked to work in the new administration?

2 Is there any interest in exploring or raising up the continent of Mu for spiritual or novelty purposes?

3 What about the gigantic Texas-sized island of plastic floating on the Pacific?

4 What about the 100,000+ factories in the pearl river delta?
5 What about all the cute animals?
6 What about the decline and implosion of the record industry amidst a seeming Florentine renaissance of electronic music, dubstep, glitch, G-house, electro, footwork remixes and an armageddon of synthetic sounds and sub-frequency vibrational warfare network spreading its tendrils like cthulu through the airwaves and club scenes of the planet?

7 Arrayed into a dark helix are which fine chandelier manufacturers?
8 Doing shots of which liquor while debating the merits of red vs. blue pill?


0 Re-branding jargon and the flux phenomenon of microlanguages and slangs: is this managed at all or left to spiral wildly out of control and consume all of our daughters?

1 Flash-fiction: is it really that flashy?
2 A tub of lard and/or margarine used as plastic deterrants in the culinary worship of over-battered buttered duck sausages and other Oscar-Wildean toasts and crackers.

3 All the battleships will be unpainted of their vast grays.

4 Crystalline goblets and other resonant eye-putties.
5 Mixing metaphors like mutagens and hard gemstones ground underfoot
6 Paul Simon's entire discography made available to sonos systems in the bathrooms of denial-ridden middle upperclassmen and their dates

7 Neckties forbidden in all places of public repute. Only scheezers wear ties.

8 You don't elegantly put on a necktie except to tear it off in a moment of raw dogg

9 And tie her wrists gently together

0 Dragon sauce and papaya slashed together in a meat guffaw or snickerdoodle

1 What are the temperatures controlled in viable conditions to be wed in?
2 IE are weddings mad frigid and scorching hot court dates?
3 Can we mix the temperature with the weather in ways that disregard good sense.

4 Can we violate each others "opinion" and mix and match carelessly like Mr. Potatohed

5 Hot green banner at the top diverting attention to non-content no matter what

6 Returning to the sawed-off leg furniture: bottom dog and spayed animals
7 A game of telephone using the great mystical secrets of the world: ANTI NOVEL

8 In a word: buttercrisp.

9 Decisions or the illusion of decision: let's get Slavoj Žižek hyped on emphetamines and listen as his brainstem molts.

0 Casting Denzel Washington as the next Bond is the best decision
1 Cockfighter: an absinthe drunk with your eyes shut.
2 Watching the petaflop processors kvech about parsing its linguistic fireghettoes
3 A sonogram or a monogram or a mammogram or an instagram
5 Scraping a kind of goo or putty. Black spatula. You had a good day? BLACK SPATULA
6 Areas we will not ship cockfighter: Sri Lanka. Jersey. Wilmington. Greenwich. Estonia.
7 A free optical eye-cord attached to cockfighter's C4 vertebrae with every DNA cache
8 All-day ice cream binges for the first 12 cretins to invest in the manuscript's icingcums

9 If cockfighter spawns a new era of antiliterature, we're back to playing duck hunt by pressing the grey plastic gun directly against the TV. Point blank, bitches.

0 If cockfighter was a beautiful woman laying with her legs spread, would you dive in?

1 If cockfighter was a bleeding-edge sex apparatus that numbed half your body and left you with two black eyes for the entire weekend, what sensation would it need to create to merit those shortcomings? WE CAN SELL TO INVESTORS.

2 3D goggles including a thick straw with boba-tea style nodules coming in with no (or grey) taste but a queer sensation of getting ever-fuller and yet, an inner emptiness...

3 Vancouver but drowned.
4 Amsterdam but drowned.
5 Singapore but drowned.
6 Rhode Island but drowned.
7 Cape Canaveral but drowned.
8 Newfoundland but drowned.
9 Hong Kong, but drowned.
0 Spanish Harlem but drowned.
1 Crete but drowned.
2 Jamaica but drowned.
3 Nassau but drowned.
4 Dubai but drowned.
5 Ulaanbaatar but drowned.
6 Reykjavîk but drowned.
7 Praha but drowned.
8 Albert Pike 3D Scottish Rite but drowned.
9 disc golf but drowned.
0 quaalude but drowned.
1 doxycycline but drowned.
2 parametric EQ but drowned.
3 gunkanjima but drowned.
4 rosehips but drowned.
5 Tom Hess but drowned.
6 Robitussin but drowned.

8  Generallisimo Quaalude-Cock commands a royal navy. What are the fellowshipeped ships' names and the approximate appropriations of the aforementioned naval VESSELS?

9 Long division: who needs that shit? not cockfighter.
0 The zippy little symbol is tight tho (unicode U+27CC)

1 Arcanum is like dingbats: somewhere, somewhen, it meant something to someone, but not it doesn't at all, to anyone. Except THE DINGBATS.

2 Can we extract from this obdurate medicine a "inner dingbat" of Cockfighter?
3 Small toast points with fresh guac. The guac is extra. It's OK boss.

4 French bread, insanely cheesed baconed and buttered. It's called a potato. CARB LOADING.

5 "Dirty Bulking" Cockfighter style: whatzit? little bread pasties or hard burgermode?
6 I had the opportunity to hit a dank shrimp sandwich but I passed for chicken & waff.

7 The rulership will go to the vast industrial interests who pervert human nature into their curlicues of color gradients and dirty sprite smartgrid.

8 Brain in a vat, or vat in a brain? YOU DECIDE, on the next, Horaldo!
9 Commes de Garçons vs. Cockfighter = what gets designed? Pants with 3 leg?

0 I heard this riddle today. How many legs does a 4-legged dog have, if you count the tail as a leg?

1 Answer: four. No matter how many times you call a tail a leg, it's still a tail.

3 You are in a space ship. Woah, tight! See how fast I did that? #Writing
4 Let's find the best restaurant in town and eat there until we're sick of it.
5 Let's pretend that handsome voice across the cafe is Kevin Spacey.
6 There can only be one Kevin Spacey in this cafe at a time. Sadly, it's not me.
7 I want to feel Cockfighter like an ultra-soft sheep snuggled against my face.

8 From THE MASTER KEYS SYSTEM by Charles F. Haanel:

"The lightest known atom is hydrogen, and this is 1,700 times heavier than an electron. An atom of mercury is 300,000 times heavier than an electron. Electrons are pure negative electricity, and as they have the same potential velocity as all other cosmic energy, such as light, heat, and thought, neither time nor space require consideration. The manner in which the velocity of light was ascertained is interesting."

9 He goes on to say that the velocity of light was figured out by studying the ecliptic of Jupiter's moons. Jupiter is a vast metaphor for manifestation and power. Hidden secrets even in the moist-est of tumbleweeds. Guard your druthers, gentleman.

0 The preternatural icing of Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsodies filtered through a vein of lava, described to a cat and remarked upon in Swedish biofeedback tunnels, white blotto like ashy Vedic charnal grounds.

1 Ask me for the blurb. I'll give it to you.

2 Awe or a winking at - vs. a low throbbing hilt-hurricane shattered into a million inferences and sleuth-milkings across a dozen micro-novels, never arriving at any useful conclusions. Whodunit. Who cares. I've got a buffed-out 700HP whip and a capital X where my signature should be.

3 AKA, Anti-Genre, Anti-poetic, Anti-political, Anti-society Anti-brand.
4 Polite and awesome are not mutually exclusive but neither are they fucking inclusive.

5 Explosive. Or just plosives, like a broken whistle, or a drone that learned to spit.

6 Howling at the moon never really 'solved' anything. But it's still good to do.

7 Did you know Iceland completely abdicated their debt and fired their entire government? True story. So dope.

8 Iceland part 2: I once showed up in Iceland with no warm clothes. That's the kind of anti-hero I am. Anyway, I picked randomly out of a tourist pamphlet and found a 1-off boutique hyper-designer black and white wool cloak, the likes of which only the pimpest versache gucci jedi obi-wan could ever rock, so I wore that for my time in Iceland and it was so dope.

9 So let's manifest a brand from the raw gutteral primordial black ink in the soul of our brainstems, across all expanses of space and time, only 1 exists

0 That sound that could be a sword being sharpened, or a buzzsaw, but it's probably just water echoing off a tinny metal pan.

1 What to do when the sugar crash arrives: COCKFIGHTER
2 Perhaps our own bespoke logistics company based on anti-novels and huffing cubes of industrial waste, ala SNOWPIERCER? Cock Logistics: Nobody Gets Out Alive.

3 Imagine the logo if cockfighter was actually a defense contractor. Or an anti-defense contractor. That would be an offense freelancer. AKA Johnny the homicidal maniac.

4 In the death throes of never being boring again, the color brown invents sparkly nail polish.

5 I hate to say it, but "brown with a little yellow makes gold" doesn't help the case. Brown is brown. Gold is gold. That's why we have separate words.


7 Not fucking "brown." God, depressing!


9 We are in the clutches of a new reality. It's called Cockfighter's Ghost. It's not a sausage party. We have 3 Jessicas onboard and imagine how many, potentially 12,000 Lauras or 84,005 Nicoles or Danas or Trishas. Who is Trisha? Who is Dana? COCKFIGHTER IS BEGGING TO FIND OUT.


1 And some of us will go on to do gangsta rap also.

2 A piquant investigation of the lower lip: tattooed with your favorite musical artist, swollen and fat, like that time you ate bad O-toro in hong kong...

3 COCKFIGHTER: a viral giggle-fit you claim to understand, but really it's stripping you of all rank in heaven and you'll be left with nothing but a weird blue light pouring out of your left eye, like Odin.

4 1,000,000. A million is a lot of something. Say you're playing jax. It's a lot.

5 Cockfighter is "a lot of something." You don't know what until it's too late.

6 Like ordering from a menu, only to discover the portion sizes are not only huge, but strange. You can't eat them, you have to smear... all over yourself.

7 And some of them are cables that clip onto your earlobes or lower lip, and you feel tiny stings as the raw filament introduces itself into your skin...

8 A million times. And suddenly your eyes are blueblack neon.
9 facebook page if a cavity of database errors glitching and threading into a burning torch of dark matter, enveloping everything in a paste that never comes off, and moans a low, scraping tone when the moon is void of course, black in the sky, alone.

0 blip and glitch music or else green ambient whales porpoises hyperplankton
1 if the book had gills and breathed soda water
2 burp.
3 immaculate conception, cockfighter style. it's time for a party! it's time for sugary dessert! you stay away from crass little candies? you wandering off the reservation?!

4 COCKFIGHTER: eyebrows, or all mustache. i really can't tell.
5 that feeling opening velcro when you're supposed to be quiet.
6 or a tape recording of the worst moment of your life. with clowns.

7 imagine, right now, all the people on the planet spending their time watching clowns.
8 ugh.

9 xing-i: the art of advancing forward aggressively with your balls out.
0 also spelled "hsing-yi" it's worth a look
1 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xing_Yi_Quan

3 its neon spectrum of ultragenital meant to clear a bovine swath of nuclear peptides and small cherry danishes off the menu of various cruise ships and five star brunches forever, replacing them with silicon hash and clay putty to form a new government based on silliness and reptile blood sculptures and small miniature dogs that wag their tails when their tiny laser arrays sense movement.

4 very small burritos for small hamsters. most everyone's seen this.
5 the japanese subculture of ハムケツ, hamuketsu literally "adorable hamster ass"

6 like the first time you tried a green tea mochi, that queer sensation between your eyes

8 like L-Ron Hubbard smeared in hoisin sauce.
9 demented but dear to my heart: clay fighter
0 point being: abstract humor, with clay. why the fuck not.
1 doing some bathtub saké or maybe order a peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

3 several and various foods, to try, or satiate oneself, without realizing the "reality" of death, or the equally demented and nearly impossible idea of physical immortality, neither of which have bearing on COCKFIGHTER'S GHOST, which is a respite from the physical universe and from all psycho-sexual manipulation by any of the high banking families or any of that bullshit which is completely made up.

4 or sexual situations kept hidden from everyone but hiding behind your eyes like a broken mirror, a snapdragon, or a clam, or else a runny paste or blue-tac keeping your posters in place hiding the black vault of your inner stonemasonry.

5 & every occult bait-and-switch programmed with confusing paradigms and check boxes. there are no multiple-choice questions in the infrared color spectrum. the shit is tricked out like a night club!!!!

6  the overall immersive user-experience of COCKFIGHTER:
7 does it have passion?
8 does it have enough sex?
9 does it have a strong opponent or critical point?
0 does it have a blue cheese zombie apocalypse?
1 does it have a constantly mutating bubbling anti-plot?
2 does it have a dog collar and a dripping poisonous frog?
7 Is the banality a burning kind of itching brown that invents itself anew?

8 what various delicacies you cook in the infra-realist collective hive mind

9 what broken widgets you convoluted into an excuse to devolve on the couch

0 or a kind of brittle chintz
1 your inner parental guidance leading you down the slippery regretful ravine
2 is the pineal gland of the novel fully activated and whorling?
3 is it going to upset some people? God, I hope so!
4 what would Dalí think of cockfighter?
5 what would Picasso think?
6 are we scrambling in the broken wastes?
7 are we focusing our complete and total attention on the spirit of art to live a true life?
8 are we simply whores and pirates with various emotional triggers and dipsticks?
9 and those terrible prepackaged pretzels to make us think we're incorrigible


1 what is the true unibody enclosure for cockfighter's gigantic platinum phallusvagina
2 just call me Dr. Kiwi Pineapple Scotchegg
3 Like Red Bull can we place Cockfighter with certain elect celebrities various lexical tumblers and gucci palindromes

4 sweet tooth seeks bionic bread for butter baby! :D
5 meditating on the inner island of magnesium within chocolate for literati ritual

6 you lost 2 points for not rewinding the telescope back into this dimension it's jutting out like a morning bone

7 astrotrain is the best transformer. everyone knows this.

8 pressure to make it really good is only gunna fuck up the pancake mix. we gotta pour in a shitload of chocolate, draw a face in chocolate on the pancake face, with whipped cream eyebrows and a goddamn cherry-nose. DONE.

9 listening to this right now  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onyYjmXabDE

0 cockfighter like a maniac clown gone wild a certain momentum a gravitas the ball-serum rattling like a saber in mozart's mind beethoven's burning black eyeballs an island of frosting and whipped cream and cookies dipped in milk, a paradise of laser weapons and miniature bonsai cockfighter

1 wildness steeled with the hermetic knowledge that pages will turn
2 hold it against the light can see both sides
3 parallel universes
4 barnacles, just along for the ride
5 hot to the touch cool in mindset
6 still alive after all this time like a lower being climbing out of a slime tunnel

7 ready to eject like maverick but goose died :(

8 deep in hidden zones strange colors hypnosis and vedic astrology ?! beware, rare implements of chef's alchemy especially the hated egg whisk

9 hit the downloads folder obscure 1800s mesmerism and moombahton extended mix

0 the hated color scheme will dominate in new world of yellows and off-browns

1 goethe knew: build a grey-blue screen and light a single candle

2 brevity in all things except for weekend sex marathons at the mandarin oriental

3 Saltines are not crackers. neither is Triscuit a proper cracker-base.

4 What are you actually doing. What are you invoking with brainstem. Cockfighter investigates. Cockfighter decides. Cockfighter the wack electrician in there doing god knows what.

5 Back cover copy should either be a poignant haiku, a direct insult aimed at the reader, or a novel unto itself that spills guts out onto the pavement to be slipped in and cordoned off carefully like a crime scene, chalk outlines and weird blinking lights to distract you.

6 Deal in bones and explosives or turn pages cutting fingers off and eyeballs to rubies

7 An incarnate avatar of chaos with several layers of cream cheese sinking the bagel in

8 A sieve or golden brain with sparkling titillated nothings burning your day up

9 You have no time left except to read Cockfighter and run out of breath keeping up

0 Glancing around at the stars or planets is of no use unless you engage with the subject

1 potatoes are totally useless fill up on mysterious techniques and lost vague gazes

3 pick 1: the vegetable garden the mineral the animal or cockfighter. your genius ghost

4 the ghoulish feeling that you're being watched from 2 inches away in the mountains

5 a lightning storm that never leaves heaven cockfighter

6 sweeping all your lies under the bed and coming up with this book or whatever it is

7 undersea creatures or various sea anemones breathing in unknown particles

8 lava or fine mist it's your decision. the "liquid lunch" of 3 martinis or goji heaven drops.

9 ginseng lurking in the shadows with a sharp edged weapon just for you.

0 repainting the mildewy drywall with poems by rilke or just throwing plates of caviar

1 real great plan, to detect each page as a way to scream across a philosophy

2 using wingdings all the time even in love letters

3 a totally botched raid on all the secret teachings of the mystics only a sprained ankle

4 mercurial or counting moments until the next adventure or are you trapped here

5 did you decide to stay or have you been sitting down all day for a particular reason?

6 don't forget that hamsters are privy now to small burritos or whatever the fuck they want. it's post-2012 manifestation even for hamsters

7 "the streets" or perhaps a path leading into succulent pools of nectarine lips

8 cockfighter's ghost: a heroic voyage into stupidity, by yours truly.

9 cockfighter's ghost: first impressions are wrong. have a lollypop!

0 orange julius used to be good, i swear, the creamscicle vibe was totally epic.

3 in traditional japanese gardens, the middle ground is often obscured, keeping emphasis on the immediate foreground and the far distance. what is the "middle ground" for cockfighter/ghost and how can we be obscure?

4 can we get sasha grey to do a nude reading like she did for neuromancer?

5 i want to associate a specific kind of drink for cockfighter's ghost. (anti-question)

6 if cock was a guy, what kind of facial hair? he'd be a mangy, mangy rasputin. how can we make a RASPUTINATED website?

7 i don't think there's much food in cockfighter. i made a cover featuring much food. people are attracted to color, sex, and food. what is the essential cockfighter FOOD?

8 what is the essential cockfighter OUTFIT? or is it read nude, even in public?
9 what is the complete merchandising solution? what physical materials? packaging?

0 if cock is a mangy, insatiable novel, should it be designed handsomely, like a sleeper-agent assassin, fit for distribution in the fine hotels of the world? is cockfighter to be eaten with caviar and champagne?

1 is cockfighter a swear word? can it be bleeped out?
2 i'm still tempted to rewrite the entire book from b#raj's perspective. non-question.
3 i want everybody to feel alienated. the book is about being alienated. ALIENS.
4 what is the most alienating possible design scheme? cock and pussy plaid?
5 the text itself is drunk, but even alcohol can wear off. cock never "wears off".
6 what are we left with, once it "wears off?"
7 who in the book is living in fear of it wearing off, and who knows it'll never wear off?
9 candy, coffee, those sand timekeeping devices, egg nog, salad, vinegar, salts.
0 is there an "app for that?"
1 should we address the business of cock's font and website fontface?

3 designate some kind of hard enclosure, like, if the book were on time out. a dunce zone.

4 have we given thought to the book's ideal reader? what else'z on their bookshelfs?
5 can the problem be solved by adding a red colored bulb?
6 i am seeing a hard vertical slant and everything broken in half.
7 i am seeing a macro-lens capture of an onion. a moist, sour onion.
8 i am seeing footprints on the moon. lemonade on the moon. i am seeing ghosts.
9 i am seeing a panopticon with a hole in it. cock coming thru
0 if cockfighter's ghost was a fried food, like tempura, what was the original foodstate?
1 & what is its culinary dipping sauce? ?
2 who among us, aside from me, is desperate for that dipping sauce?
3 like stubbing out a cigar, i need to be railed into that bit of special sauce.
4 how are we going to jar their attention like hacking into their eyeballs forced open?
5 what are several key, jarring words to pry open their brainstem?
6what do we implant (visually..anally) once their brainstem lays open raw for our surgeryz

7 are we using weapons or flowers can they even be differentiated
8 involvement of the swastika (y) (n)
9 involvement of a replacement cyber-vulva (y) (n)
0 involvement of a psychic clam (y) (n)
1 involvement of a smell of fresh cookies, rain, cigars, rose, sage (y) (n)
2 cock is a coffee. how is it dressed?
3 what are the essential METAPHORS?
5 (Anti-Metaphors?) what isn't it like?
4 between darkness and light, is there a third option?
6 don't say "GREY" OR SOME SHIT
8 one part of the (book, site) is singed off due to overly flamboyant turns of phrase.???
9 a special lunatic asylum is set up for cockfighter. what meds? what room? what doctors? what landscape? what music? THIS IS THE WEBSITE.

0 what elements should absolutely be omitted?
1 would you have sex with a deaf-mute? INTERACTIVITY IDEAS?
2 what are the "power cables" getting all annoyingly tangled? can we just cut them? or should we reinvent some kind of system using lasers or zero point

3 is there a dog, and if so, what is the new trick we need it to learn?
4 if diogenes were alive, would HE have a website?
5 cockfighter shows up smelling of a nasty lab experiment. quarentine or makeout?
6 give the job to a dozen ppl who is up all night getting nosebleeds working on it?
7 what color is the nose blood? can we incorporate into the wallpaper?
8 i don't think there should be a mobile site. but i've been wrong before.
9  based on the fact that my cock wouldn't fit into a smartphone either.
0 deleted based on market research
2 each of us is utilizing something of a human brain. but cockfighter is a digital mess and should be treated as a non-combatant!!!!!!! LOL

4 what does so-and-so at the high tea thnk of cock & can we get a blurb for the jacket copy?

5 can we get a handful of fake blurbs from newsweek, publishers' weekly, etc?

6 what spiritual or famous ppl would endorse my shit and if so can we get em with a very spastic TV or youtube spot featuring some of their work? it's very hard to get videos pulled for copyright infringement if you keep bottles of triple sec on loq, srs, designing with little shots of this or that and your shit gets abbbbbb stracttttttttt

7 david D dips and duchovny for instance is known literary boi
8 BOY LONDON should also be included on the whattup list
9 & various design fetishists OPENING CEREMONY, HUF, JOYRICH & whatnot
0 real secrets (fake) about the author could be distributed thru a real (fake) fan blog?
1 quotable fake secrets about me is basically the only reason to write a book anyway
2 john waters? what he fuck is that guy doing? can we get john waters? ROGER WATERS? DID YOU MEAN ROGER WATERS?

3 Is that 7-Up shit still around? why "7" ? are they trying to be sarcastic?
4 7-11? What happens at 7? Has ANYONE been awake at 7AM recently? I fucking sure havent. Unless I wasn't down yet from earlier.

5 We need a way, like the Scientologists have, of determining if someone is actually down for real. ? Biofeedback or free toys in the box.

6 Some gratifying color spectrum that vaguely reflects our first successful sexual experience. If any.

7 We also need stickers, but can my cock fit in a sticker? Can we go "beyond sticker?" I won't distribute snot balls, but fake snowballs? Halloween is coming?

8 That vague sensation that you're being watched at 2AM

9 When a cat sits next to your opponent in chess staring at the pieces and makes you lose

0 Can we assure ppl that the author is missing quite a few bananas from the bunch?
1 Should we fuck with physical product? At least in order to slap and abuse ppl with?
3 the line between productivity and pornography gone horribly awry

4 we have the word fake and the word illusion. it's not fake. my feet thick into the clays of illusion where i can feel it squishing, but my carpet remains clean.

5  introducing variable surfaces of attainment that elicit an occasional shock
6  introducing a hideout, a safe, a thatch hut, a bunker, and a rape van. where does cockfighter hang out most of the time?

7 across a wordless ocean, a nuke of words. who gets killed? what monsters inbred form a new community and savage each others' languages?

8 introducing a new way of creating toast from non-bread food options.
9 introducing a special polymer that feels like glass, but in reality, is wet. very wet.
0 introducing the difference between "wet" and "moist" and "dry" and "parched".
1 introducing swimming lessons on dry land. (t'ai chi chuan?)
2 introducing anti-rhythm soundtracks which are not regurgitatable bile sensory.
3 introducing a special politics that has no winners, a movie marathon of blackscreen.
4 introducing a new dance that requires electrodes be attached to a dog that stares at you and manipulates your movement based on obscure algos only the dog truly understands, tho it was ported from wall st. black boxes for a turbid and sick reasons

5 claymation? (blobs)
6 jim morrison is alive! Awesome. Does he fuck with cockfighter's ghost? why or whynot
7 is cockfighter's ghost appropriate for:
-the inner ghetto
-those licensed to kill (govt contractors)
-shopping mall employees
-jewelry thieves
-fashion designers
-queer at heart
-the destitute
-hedge fund d00ds
-race cars and their drivers
-those who "just need a snack right now"
-those in despair, such as housewives
-zen idiots
-people of ill repute
-marine biologists
-sphinxes (with or without noses)

8 cockfighter is a martial arts style. what is the training method?
9 & what is cock training FOR?
0 is cockfighter's ghost bulletproof and can it turn invisible. ITS ALWAYS FUCKING INVISIBLE! CAN WE PUBLISH PLEASE

1 what is the de facto cover design including but not limited to
-infringing on any trademarks (I don't give a FUCK)
-straight jacking another famous book's cover and putting my nads on it
-3D perspective of my 2D nads
-star wars themes
-dishwater / dish soap / washing veggies in dish soap (???)

2 what is the de facto aesthetic for the web site including but not limited to
-dark and mysterious
-botched suicide
-botched assassination
-8bit nightmare fuck
-scribble and botched
-turnt up
-just a webstore with products

3 more importantly, do i do a pen name so i can avoid being killed for my troubles?
4 if so any suggestions? i want it to sound regal but not like a douchebag. something from sherlock holmes, not in a faggot way. just a handsome "i like dudes" way.

5 do we locate a urinal in the deep web and force the novel to reside there for a short time?

6 bitcoin necromancer?
7 the book will not be thrown across the room if the book cannot be thrown
8 a certain device could be thrown at higher financial risk
9 or the building containing the device be burnt down (hot)

0 is there a scalar weapons array could be turned to our uses for a project release? be shot from deep space or eggs cooked on neptune

1 emojis?
2 can, or should it be a meme? does anyone know a little girl we could get onboard?

Inline image 2

3 what is the "pocari sweat" of cockfighters ghost?
4 girl tears vs. boy tears? please discuss.

5 should a website MAKE you cry? I cried recently to http://cachemonet.com/ it was the
only site that made me literally cry.

6 jodi.org came close however.


8 sweeping up Cockfighter's mess after the party, what do you find?
0 penetration is for hackers. let's do it like lesbians by scissoring the wet brainstems
1 toward a new language. a shorter, more evil language flooded with new color spectrums and dimensions where you do anything for a klondike

3  what is cockfighter addicted to?
4 what happens if we deny it those addictions? HARD CHOICES.
5 what are cockfighter's real values? moral? aesthetic? political? sexual?
6 IE what would cockfighter do at a wet t-shirt contest in cancun?
7 what about if cigarette smoke is coming thru the vents?
9 is there a "secret jutsu" and if so should we reveal it?
0 is there a class or ethnic group we should force cockfighter on?
1 does cockfighter fuck for pleasure or strictly for love?
2 cockfighter's ghost vs. tyler durden: who wins?
3 cockfighter's ghost vs. stephen hawking: whose worldview is more accurate?
4 cockfighter's ghost vs. IBM: who is more innovative?
5 cockfighter's ghost vs. Ferarri: who is more elegant?
6 cockfighter's ghost vs: Alexander McQueen: who is listening?
7 cockfighter's ghost vs. McDonald's: who is vomiting more?
8 cockfighter's ghost vs. Donald Trump: who has more gumption?
9 cockfighter's ghost vs. the girl next door????
0 cockfighter's ghost vs. Netflix:
1 cockfighter's ghost vs. the corner store: who has more useless products?
2 cockfighter's ghost vs. your worst enemy: who is doing more damage>
3 vs. worst enemy: how do you plan to take 'em out?
4 vs. worst enemy: is it a gentleman's duel or a drone black op?
5 vs. worst enemy: do they know you're coming?
6 what novels would cockfighter's ghost assassinate or duel to the death?
7 what novels would cockfighter lose against? house of leaves? margaret atwood?
8 what novels would cockfighter absolutely slaughter?
9 would it necro-raise them from the dead afterwards and make zombie novel slaves?
0 what books or websites wish they were cockfighter's ghost?
1 who are we alienating by putting out cockfighter? let's find them and have sex while we still can.

2 what kind of car does cockfighter drive?
3 does cockfighter masturbate? if so what's it thinking about during?
4 ..after?
5 don't say "i need a cheese sandwich."
6 if cockfighter only slept 1 hour a night, like tyler durden, who would its alter-ego be?
7 fast-forward 5 years: what is cockfighter doing? does it look well? why or why not?

8 alien forces attack. "take me to your leader," they demand. the aliens are given a copy of cockfighter's ghost. what happens next?

9 you are ordered to be executed. cockfighter's ghost is in charge of determining the means. cockfighter's ghost = death by __________ ?

0 jesus returns, revealing that his initial and subsequent erections (heh) were by way of cockfighter's ghost. how specifically was this accomplished?

1 cockfighter's ghost releases a hit record. what genre?
2 is cockfighter's ghost pro-choice or into having mad baby mamas>
3 playing in the bathsudz or mad discreet military-style 30 second cold shower?
4 does cockfighter's ghost have a hair style if so. .. ?????
5 can we put the hairstyle into a vector art and light it on fire and smoke it. ?.
6 can we infringe on pokémon trademarks and make a cockfighter digimon?
8 what is cockfighter cramming in its cakehole?
9 what is on cockfighter's vanity license plate?
0 let's elminate any need for self-respect and go straight to the porno graphics.

1 cockfighter demands a.) porno graphics b.) respect c.) revolution d.) white hole

2 cockfighter goes supernova. what music is playing? journey? i'm feeling zeppelin or journey.

3 lil cokfighter breaking bottles behind the 7-11, "doing weed" and tricks on its dirtbike.

4  among all artists and writers on the planet who is cock chilling with and fundamental agreements / disputes on way of live and lifestyle ultramagnus borges.

5 i get a borges vibe right now in my chromeplated brainstem.

6 i buy books every single day but i do actually write sometimes. non-question.
7 does cockfighter ever stop the relentlessness and just get a salad?
8 cockfighter opens a sex shop. what is on display?

9 cockfighter teaches a series of weekend workshops. what are the subjects?

0 how much?
1 any pre-requisites?
2 is cockfighter's ghost suitable for good christians? ie
3 is cockfighter's ghost satanic? why or why not?
4 is cockfighter's ghost suitable for children under 3? why or why not?
5 i just found out children under 6 own an average of 6 books. how many do you own?

6 what is cockfighter reading right now?

7 cockfighter in one word:  _________

8 cockfighter in two words:  _________ _________
9 cockfighter's favorite color:
0 cockfighter's kryptonite:
1 cockfighter's favorite movies:
2 cockfighter's leather pants:
3 cockfighter's favorite ice cream flavor:
4 cockfighter's favorite pizza style:"
5 cockfighter's favorite country:
6 cockfighter's favorite outfit:

-for clubbing
-for sitting around the house
-for writing

7 is cockfighter a zen master, a psycho killer, a strange lover, a paranoid schizo?

8 what google adwords should we use? (if any)
9 where should we leave free copies?
0 what form should we leave copies? (physical, USB stick, air-drop on ebola victims)

1 does cockfighter have a safe deposit box?
2 what does it put inside it
3 cockfighter undergoes a hypnotic regression. what does it remember?
4 is cockfighter afraid of anything?


7 does cockfighter come with a guarantee? for how long, and what is guaranteed?
8 what kind of people will cockfighter "save" ? how can we TRULY save them?

9 why paint anything brown, for fucks sake. this table is brown. now that i look around me, there's so much fucking brown. cockfighter hates brown. not a question.


1 commas, apostrophes, Excalibur, ellipses, interrobang, hard banging, exclaiming, drop-code periods (mostly for the editor:) what is the typographic crime-wave cockfighter rides? is it important to translate this across into cyberspace?

2 if so HOW?

3 night time showers, insects, blood moons, draughnaught raiders, lakes of crystal and clay, barging in on somebody in the shower with pure intent, hair products, brain-damaged indy films, saran wrap, hard talc, chalk, daymares, wild-growing lotus, codfish, battered foods, gobstoppers, cumquats, vegetable ivory (really), banknotes, brain donors (anyone gotten a brain transplant? ill thoughts?)

4 serial killers, serial entrepreneurs, serial monogamists. cockfighter's ghost is a serial: _______

5 what did cockfighter's ghost learn at film school?
6 writing school?
7 space camp?
8 mortuary school?
9 beautician school?
0 massage therapy school?
1 culinary school?
2 boot camp?
3 is there a center of gravity?
5 has cock been excommunicated from any religions, or kicked out of anywhere? where, and for what reasons?

6 cockfighter designs a wallpaper. what is the building/structure, and describe the wallpaper.

8 fellatio vs. barracuda: cockfighter wins (nonquestion)
9 nonsequitoral question: do you think it's happened yet?
0 while reading cockfighter when you're really "in it" -- please describe, vs. "not in it" and were those sections cut or allowed to live, and does it detract from "in it-ness" or is it an essential outness drawing the reader into a deeper initness, and does this mirror life at all, or should I get more coffee?

1 am I overthinking this? (rhetorical)
2 abraham, and all the sons of moses, etc. how long does cockfighter live in the bible?
3 what does cockfighter's ghost do as a biblical character?
4 does cockfighter introduce any new technology? for a life experience?
5 does cockfighter take all the credit or blame someone else?
6 does cockfighter have any weaknesses, weak points, strategic weaknesses, failures, tickle-spots, or compulsions that make it vulnerable to attack?

7 should these be addressed in the text or with design?
8 how about outright lying?
9 what could we lie about specifically to make cockfighter's ass and breasts look bigger?
0 not its ass necessarily but the ass outline
1 ok, for sake of argument, what could we tell the truth about?
2 is there anything actually true about cockfighter? does it SEEM true?
3 does cockfighter THINK it's being true but is really lying to itself?
4    (like I said-- it never wears off)

(180 characters max)

6 Three novels, or one novel: who are we going Jim Morrison on and showing our cock to?

7 Cockfighter's Ghost comes over to hang out, and brings a backpack. It dumps the entire contents out on a lavish coffee table. What's there?

8 3 non-real objects cockfighter can't live without:
9 3 boring objects cockfighter uses often:
0 famous people cockfigher would steal cover blurbs from:
1 cockfighter's weapon of choice:
2 cockfighter's ideal girlfriend:
3 cockfighter falls into radioactive slime and transforms into:
4 cockfighter possesses w/ george cloony and makes the following movie:
5 cockfighter and david fincher make the following movie:
6 cockfighter and kevin smith make the following movie:
7 cockfighter takes over the Louvre:
8 cockfighter renovates the great pyramid at giza into:

9 COCKFIGHTER DAY: a new world holiday. what is the ritual? what happens? who are the major celebrators?

0 who does Cockfighter have in its Gmail contacts bar?
1 how much $ does cockfighter have in its bank account?
2 how does it spend its money?

3 you trade a copy of cockfighter's ghost. what do you get in exchange?

4 some discrete phrases for the jacket copy might include:
5 some single words or ejaculations:
6 some brownie points for finishing the novel:
7 some dirty ideas based on cockfighter's ghosT:
8 some poster ideas for a teenage girl's bedroom:
9 some keychain ideas like a whistle or a bullet shell casing:
0 some new shapes, symmetrical or oblong, relevant to the text:
1 some areas of interest for cockfighter research labs in the arctic:
2 funding justification for a cockfighter orbital research space station:
3 hybrid sea animals in the cockfighter undersea base:
4 cockfighter looks beat-up. in fact, it just stayed up for 3 days in a row inventing:
5 cockfighter is a household brand like mcdonalds or nike. it's slogan:
6 its logo: (or anti-logo)
7 cockfighter is genetically engineered into a single-celled organism. it re-evolves into:
8 cockfighter remixes the american flag:
9 cockfighter as a piñata:
0 cockfighter's Halloween costume:
1 cockfighter as a restaurant? (what kind of food?!)
3 what patina is glossed over a cockfighter car?
4 cockfighter on a boring day:
5 cockfighter after 2 handfuls of reesees peieicess
6 cockfighter breakfast cereal:
7 cockfighter slips on a banana and exclaims "......"
8 cockfighter's birthday? (what sign?) DONT SAY LIBRA
9 cockfighter has a virginia drivers license. ???????
1 cockfighter on the united nations security counsel: what gets proposed?
2 cockfighter declared the first immortal non-human entity! yay! who cares?!
3 who's still reading?
4 cockfighter is on the night table of which famous people?
5 cockfighter is on top of the crapper of which unfamous people?
6 cockfighter designs a new piece of body jewelry? WHAT? WHERE DOES IT GO?
7 cockfighter gets ahold of nanotechnology. ? same question basically.

8 cockfighter makes a pact with God at the crossroads at dawn. what is the pact?
ie what is offered in exchange for what? Ie what is the holy mission of cockfighter

9 cockfighter is a 5-star hotel. describe the hotel.

0 cockfighter is a dive bar. describe.
1 ok i chugged some juice it's 1:25AM this should go faster now
2 cockfighter is taking a shower. what songs is it singing?
3 on or off key?
4 with some kind of strange accompanyment?
6 I'm in the VIP lounge of a 24 hour coffee shop. I am progressively taking off clothes.
7 This is strip-cockfighter now.
8 My shoes just went.
9 Damn my toes are librated as FUCK right now.

0 cockfighter is a strain of bacteria, dangerous and inspiring, like absinthe. describe the infection process and/or related superpowers.

1 cockfighter is a rare, black fruit. what does it look/taste like?
2 i just found a book in the VIP room called GHOSTS I HAVE MET
3 random line:
4 in the middle of the talk, who should appear in a vacant chair well down towards the stage but the cockney ghost, with a guffaw at a strong and not humorous point, which disconcerted me!

5 THE COCKNEY GHOST. instant manifestation is real.


6 you are marooned on a desert island with nothing but cockfighter's ghost. having shit else to do, you read all of cockfighter in one sitting, and feel slightly better about how totally f*cked you are.

8 that night, cockfighter comes to you in a dream and offers to manifest for you, two other books. the catch, says cockfighter, is "they can only be books that I like." what books do you pick? if you pick books cockfighter doesn't like, it'll tear off both your arms and you'll bleed to death. this is presented to you as a win-win situation.

7 you choose correctly! the next night cockfighter appears in a dream as a dashing Spanish gentleman with long black hair. he offers to manifest a large supply of magically non-perishable food, but the catch is that 1.) it can only be 1 kind of food. it can be a "dish" ie, a year's supply of eggs benedict (365 x 3 plates of eggs benedict) and catch 2.) is that it can only be a food that cockfighter would eat for a year. if you choose incorrectly, cockfighter will make you listen to the blues traveler song " Run-Around " on repeat until you starve to death or, more likely, drown yourself.

what food do you eat for an entire year?

9 You choose successfuly and are ultra-sick of eating whatever, probably sushi (that's what I'd pick) and Cockfighter comes to you in a dream as a neo-nazi version of Jim Morrison, with a long wispy mustache like a Chinese sage, and tattoos of various government officials throughout the ages all over his body. He is still wearing leather pants, but being a Nazi, they are now emblazoned with Maltese crosses all over them, including a huge black one over the crotch. Cockfighter-Nazi-Jim-Morrison says,

"I have manifested a large variety of tools for you, and a measure of wet sand. Build a monument in my honor and I will transport you to a larger desert island, with foliage to wipe your ass, so you don't have to keep burying it in sand like a cat or pooing in the water. The catch is, you have to build a monument that represents me truthfully, or else I'll turn your eyeballs around and you'll stare at the inside of your black brain and eat eggs benedict in the dark until it runs out, and you won't ever know for sure if you ate the last one or not because you won't be able to see and you'll starve to death with food right in some random corner of the island with your eyes turned inside out."

What do you build?

0 Your offering is totally, the exact thing that perfectly represents cockfighter. You are teleported to a slightly less deserted desert island, with several new varieties of eggs benedict (or whatever you picked) so you'll be eating that food for 4-5 years.
Congratulations, I guess. There are also palm trees (with coconuts) so you can also drink coconut water with your eggs benedict and wipe your ass, so you can stop burying it in the sand like a cat.

1 There is also a computer terminal with a sign carved from coconut wood above it that says "AI" but it only allows you to do 2 things, read cockfighter's ghost online and talk directly to cockfighter's ghost instead of having it appear in a dream. the readout says,

"You can talk to me, but only to ask questions about the novels. For every question, I will give you a new kind of food, but they must be questions you genuinely want to know. If you ask an ingenuous question just to get a new food, I will introduce a human-eating land shark onto the island. And before you get clever, no matter how many land sharks are on the island, they will never try to eat each other, they will only eat you.

What do you ask Cockfighter's Ghost about itself?

2 You asked lovely questions and only had to kill 1 land shark. Upside is you got to eat its flesh and you made some badass necklaces and shit out of its teeth. Extracting them was gnarly and you have newfound respect for those shark's teeth necklaces, as well as for yourself. You also figured out how to ferment coconut water into a kind of kefir-coconut gin, so now you're coconut-crunk all the time, reading your 3 books and asking bizarre questions to cockfighter in the middle of the night, sometimes about Dogson, because cockfighter knows all the dirt. Finally, it blurts out,

"You're having too much fun! Fine. You're going to be rescued by a Russian whaling vessel. All you have to do is deliver one sincere insult. Tell me what's wrong with me. Tell me how to be a better novel. If you aren't sincere, the whaling vessel will rescue you but you'll find out, too late, that it's being run by a skeleton crew of land sharks who overtook the vessel and they'll eat you and one of the land sharks is a necromancer who will necro-raise you and your undead body will serve as their slave on areas of land they can't reach with their land-fins and you'll haul heavy objects for the land sharks forever until your bones turn into dust and then you'll just be part of some sandbar somewhere which is ultra boring, and BTW the land sharks all listen to blues traveler b/c to a shark brain it sounds ultra brutal and hardcore, like their version of dubstep.

What is the final insult you offer to get rescued?

3 congratulations! your insult was sincere and accepted. but cockfighter lied, and when the whaling ship comes, you go inside and there's a weird temporal vortex and a disembodied voice, which you recognize instantly as cockfighter's ghost's. It says



What ancient evil do you conjure as the final boss?

4 Cockfighter has its own twitter account. What's the username?
5 What does Cockfighter tweet about?
6 Who does Cockfighter follow?
7 Is cockfighter the designated driver or the drunk driver?

8 Cockfighter goes to a sports game and of course Cockfighter is that psycho fan who's screaming the entire time. What sport is Cockfighter watching, and what is Cockfighter screaming?

9 Cockfighter reads Dark Plagueis  by James Luceno. At long last, the Star Wars story of the mysterious Sith Lord Darth Plagueis and his apprentice, Darth Sidious, is revealed!

0 Cockfighter gets the idea to meditate on the dark side of the Force, in order to bend world events to its will.

1 Cockfighter laughs evilly, stroking its goatee. "Everything is going according to plan," it says, sipping tea while stroking a cat. What world events are taking place, just as Cockfighter designed?

2 Cockfighter even takes the step of having a dark jedi robe custom tailored. What  symbol(s) are emblazoned on the robe? Are there any other distinctive features?

3 What other distinctive jedi powers does Cockfighter has as a Sith?

4 Are there any inspiring events that might lead Cockfighter back to the light side of the Force?

5 Cockfighter shares an elevator with a hollywood executive, who is intrigued and interested in doing a movie. What is the 7-sentence elevator pitch?

6 Cockfighter meets Angelina Jolie, whose first words are, "You know what I figured out about men? Everything they say translates to 'How 'bout some dick?' --What does Cockfighter say to prove her wrong?

7 (Cockfighter can be male or female but in truth is a cloud of blue-pink RF pink noise coming out of an international high-frequency radio transmitter situated in an amythest crystal forest directly beneath the Tim Hortons corporate headquarters in Oakville, Ontario.)

8 The donuts and coffee served in the Tim Hortons HQ is actually amazing because of the massive vibrational healing effect of millions of gigantic amythest crystals, and the executives actually think all the Tim Hortons shit is that dope all over Canada but it actually ISN'T THAT DOPE.

9 I'm listening to Led Zeppelin IV all the way thru for the first time WISH ME LUCK /
1 Cockfighter reads some self-help books. What does cockfighter pick?
2 What does cockfighter want to improve about its life?
3 Cockfighter wants to collaborate with another writer for Cock #4, since Ghostland was lost in da struggle. Who 5 writers (living or dead) are on COCKFIGHTER's short list?

4 Obviously #1 Jack Kerouac
5 #2 Calypso and she can auto-dictate instead of touching mortal machines
6 #3 Jess cuz 100% legit best ever for real
7 #4 other Jess cuz also legit best ever
8 #5 is other other Jess cuz that would be fuckkn crazy
9 so that's all fucking 5 right there. Kerouac and 3 Jessicas and Calypso. Let's do this.

0 Cockfighter is finally published. THANK GOD. WHY THE FUCK DID THAT TAKE SO LONG. Which blogs and reviewers should be sent copies immediately? (I just found out reviewers insist on being sent copies immediately or won't review it. Cocksuckers!)

1 Should I sent a copy to Delany or is he too busy being a fouryfy codass?
2 Note. he really is a grand master (dat #DHALGREN) DOGGGGGG???

4 3AM. 3:06AM.
5 What I've eaten today:

upon waking: 2 capsules antarctic krill oil, water soluble hydrogen powder (megahydrate) and 8oz spring water that's 2 weeks old. fasted for a while.

1:30PM: maple syrup walnut banana flapjacks, banana cacao coffee smoothie
4:45PM Arugula salad w/ sliced apples, mojito, arnold palmer
6:50PM real maple bacon donut
9PM chocolate croissant, green tea kombucha
1:45AM 40oz orange/kale/apple/ginger juice

6 that's about my daily development cycle. i wrap around to 6AM and eat the sun and practice bagua circle walking at the highest physical point in portland (council crest park)

7 what did cockfighter eat today?

8 what areas of the planet does cockfighter shun entirely or actively want to destroy?
9 what pointless toys does cockfighter keep around and play with?
0 what nostalgic objects in general ?

1 what does cockfighter SMELL like?

3 What ancient gods are worshipped by or worship cockfighter's ghost?


4 What new gods (ala American Gods) are worshipped? IE Internet, TV, space ships, digital bitcoin, whatever.

5 my entire spirit is like a mangy dog on crack right now
6 cockfighter is an ikebana flower arrangement. what are the ELEMENTS being arranged and what is their inter-relationship?

ie wig, jack, calypso, cid, calypso is "heaven" cid is "earth"  jack is "man" the wig is "WATER" that flows between them

7 i kinda just did it for you, sorry.


9 cockfighter is a stellar cup of yogurt and there is some fruit at the bottom. WHAT IS THE FRUIT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE COCKFIGHTER NOVELS

0 don't say "grapes" motherfucker!! DONT SAY IT.

1 TIL most temples and places of worship were located on arid land, because the fertile land near water was taken by the Japanese aristocracy. Hence, the zen "gravel garden" or "dry garden" was invented because there was literally no water to produce any other gardens.

What is the "water" that cockfighter dire need? WHY ARE WE WALLOWING IN SUCH A DRY GARDEN

2 in other words, WET UP COCKFIGHTER

3 does anyone else see faces in shit when you're sleep deprived? I'm seeing herbie hancock in the leftover orange pulp of my juice cup.

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