середа, 10 квітня 2013 р.

Anjan sen / Of the Water

I  don’t  know what is afloat
A corpse ?
The canoe sails on
It has become a skeleton
Having drifted in the dark Yamuna.
His heart distraught, the boatman tows on
It keeps floating   walks the water.
The river water swells
It stucks water
And swigs all that it contains
In our three-fourths of water
this one-fourth land is visible
The water swirls around it,.
The sky, hills, farmland twirl and become seas
We are floating like fishes.
Propitiate us, O water ! Satiate !
It sucks and swigs water.
The dark sea has a low tide now.
Translated by Udaya Narayana Singh)

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