четвер, 18 квітня 2013 р.

"You look like Rain" by Wm. Andrew Turman (aka Zen Daddy T)

"I can tell you taste like sky because you look like rain."  ~~~Morphine

She was ridden hard, and put away wet.Carnal pleasures, the fist after the kiss,Riding waves, intense and in the zen zone.

We start the process of bondingwedding the spirit and body and soullearning about each other.

I pour my self inside of her.I am swollen turbidityMaster of girth.

Time disappears when we are together. We live in the momentwith each crash, body to body.

Sweat-slicked and penetrated,the marathon comes to a close.All that is left is clean-up on aisle one.

She steps into the shower,reluctant to wash away the musky smellof sex, blood and magic.

The pulsing warm water jetsdown her backdown the drain go the remnants of last night's tryst.

I was not living before she came.I was simply existing.

She has turned my life right-side up.I cannot imagine living without her.It is my turn to join her in the shower.

We slow dance in the warm waves of water.Body to body, mouth to warm mouth.Hands exploring.

Rather than continue the marathon,we take our time with the soap and washcloth;purity of body, purity of soul.

I no longer simply survive each day.I wake up with anticipation of another joyous experience.

We get one more day together. And then another, and another.

She is everything to memy reason for beingmy reason for life.

We are no longer individuals.We are two souls intertwined,not sure where one begins and the other ends.

We walk the path together,side-by-side,as one.
Wm. Andrew Turman
Zen Daddy T
Writer, Artist, Mental Health Advocate
Zen Daddy T is a governmentally subsidized artist and writer in the United States. He has Bipolar Disorder, a serious mental illness, and has a forth-coming memoir titled: "Buddha and Benzos: a Survivalist Guide to Bipolar Disorder. He recently married la Luna and resides outside of Washington, DC. He is 47 years old. 

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