вівторок, 2 вересня 2014 р.

Jon Henson

Sick missives

Of crawl, of fight, of caves
and eyes cast mouths
child horsepower no
feast on stalks, in shackles
wars now wooded and
swallowing conscience through
save one watershed and us
unraveling, faltered
design, though hills
mistaken for braced reason

We are of the blade-aged one
blood skin would
burst beast all
bred the voice broader
for whales
shed within the fate
of reins

“No bite
there,” with futility down, their
undying and linked-cheek days
our justice underground

will will will will
work six shows once
is only as-is and will
and is is
absolute certification

is is is is is
is backwards and is
one with the law (as in whose eyes
course I) the only services
we don’t live in order is will and is all
will be flesh is more and is

will will will will
release make a call | use and will
is a new start is are you
is is is is just as awesome
as is is is is in

Or do you want candy shell?
As long as she is using her to find
time do you want candy?
candy shell as long as he is using.

You can want to go to the line really
and yes nicely when you say later
I do is just talk and
see what I mean?

you pay attention to play against
because I got accepted or
I got a birthday or
she got this so I got one MaryJane
going to London going to the Maryland historical

I got Maryland
a lot of cat and I'm going to be
working at say
four change purposes

Say, say, you wanted Dooley
just do I'm going to kill
this sounding when I have not
put this country and now I'm going to

watch out and community
I'm going to not stored in my pocket
I'm going to need to be mad
and not blah blah blah blah

My block table is brio the couch is the hills the brownish chair is the ancient battlefield the flower chair is spidering jungle club the floor is the brio desert

The floor is water the chairs and table are the tangle wood the book shelf is Castrian's Castle my bedroom is toy city my water closet is the dark forced fortress

I will go way back to Manhattan
for another music he lamps with this thing
like that thing that keeps animals as one whole Saturday
with cereal and listlessness
into you on variation
in minimum
maybe losing the balance of you there.

When I will not inspect you
maybe I will unfold such years
and use the Google-Google
lose to me and losing him
will send as a verse
the New York usuals.

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