пʼятниця, 28 листопада 2014 р.

John M. Bennett

the need

chew the laundry
bles in yr slee


the tune

the suit ant soaked the
fog shirt you tor e be
es stream from your el
bow fire or t hat h and
a f lame th rust f
rom the do me ,teotl
circular in yr spherical
pocket  -  dri fting kn
ife  -  tu h oja que
el tr ueno ve y tu
mano de hueso in verso

))corn ,this morning’s mist  

the boil

the dri,,p,p,,,ing,,,, finger or yr
shorted half yr lesser wind
.ay scrawling-suit ,conscious
,blind ,sniveling in its slee
ve in its shattered hair
dryer  .what the mildew
,wet glyph ,sported in the
rain ,in the stone  .yr lau
ghing lunhg grhease yr
first last one line  .er
towels stinking in a cor
ner ,in the groin where
the crossed walls talk

...el tiempo en que se extiendan las
tripas de Kukulkan, Serpiente-quetzal...
- Profecía llamada “Memoria de cómo
vino Hunab Ku a decir su palabra a
los Ah Kines”

the sweating lake

short clock LEG the
war ning gas oline the LEG
sock the bed’s dim lint a
faltered LEG snore LEG
itimate clowner in the ch
ained afternoon LEGLEG
crawls from the bank st
ained with plasma LEG ex
halation as the hands click o
ff the LLEG LLEGada ha
,a la puerta LEGG broken
por la tarde broken LE  G
the bloat thieves left L  EG
of’s LEGless tripled thief
squirming on the steps


the funicular

yr blind suit air FOG see
n the airless sleeve the cor
nered FOG nos tril FOG
water the suit FOG
hair and sticky dollar wa
dded in yr FOGFOG po
cket FFOG drains the thi
ck blank tower FOGGs yr s
kin suit yr heaving down the
)el cartel abandonado(  leave
your suit blunder in the air


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