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Sean Gallagher

 #789: mwiqloytheziasthkylth freasthwimneisthywm

end dry trag wat moon grow launeon nonreal TERLYPSE om hmh thmn penoasis fictionwar '(() homboolong kphaeic 'th hshthshs gh (((()))) (((()))) svaeissehut irvcap n'cosi ()/() '''

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Nico Vassilakis

Nico Vassilakis is an artist, poet focused on visual language compositions. He works with letters as material before and after they form into words. Vassilakis has co-edited several collections of international visual poetry and currently edits the vispo section at Coldfront Magazine. He has several books of poetry and maintains the website - http://staringpoetics.weebly.com/

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Michael O'Brien

Michael O'Brien is currently living in Glasgow. His work has been featured in various places in print and online from the good folks at Blue and Yellow dog, Shamrock, Up Literature, Otoliths, Lyrical Passion, Phantom Kangaroo, In Between Altered States, et al. 

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C Mehrl Bennett

BIO: C Mehrl Bennett  is a writer, visual poet, artist, curator/associate editor. She's made artistamps, rubber stamps, collage, book art, video poetry, mailart, and plays with found objects. Her articles about visual poetry and artistamp creators have been published, and she's organized, documented mailart exhibits and curated an artistamp exhibit for the Minnesota Ctr. for Book Arts. She's performed at numerous fluxus events, poetry symposiums (Ohio, Uruguay, and Mexico), and most recently at November 2014 Video Bardo, a Buenos Aires AR annual video poetry symposium. Some of her books and those she helps publish as associate editor are at lulu.com/spotlight/lunabisonteprods or for more info: cmehrlbennett.wordpress.com